Video production is clearly becoming a necessary tool in any company’s marketing strategy. With the technology and software to create and distribute video becoming more accessible, the shear number of videos has sky rocketed. That being said, when you are creating a video to promote your brand, product, or message, it is important to remember that a poorly made video can hurt your company more than help it. Here are 10 key points to keep in mind as you embark on your next video campaign.


Have a clear objective to your video

Don’t make a video just to make one…have a goal or purpose. Without an objective, the viewer doesn’t know why they are watching it and you have no idea on whether or not the campaign was a success. Are you promoting a product or service? Are you telling a story about your company? Are you trying to convince the viewer of something? The big question is: what do you want the viewer to walk away with?

Include your company brand

Creating a video that is catchy and unforgettable is great, but not if the viewer can’t remember the name of your company. Focus on great content, but don’t forget to make your brand as memorable as the video. I always think of the commercial where the guy is interviewing for a job, mis-pronouncing the owners name, and the owner finally says, “The name is Dumass”. It is a funny commercial that sticks in my head, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is for.

 Make sure the length fits your content

Think back to the videos that you have watched recently. How long were they? Less than a minute? A couple of minutes? Maybe 10 minutes? To really capture your audience for longer than a couple of minutes is challenging at best. With the right content and goals, a longer video has it’s place, but for a typical marketing video, keep in mind the viewer’s attention span. Every second counts, which means every word counts.

Focus on a single message

Fitting a lot of different messages into one short marketing video can make it seem rushed and scattered. If you are making a company video, stay focused on that. A product video doesn’t need a lot of background on the company and a company video doesn’t need to go in depth into each of its products or services.  If you want to get a variety of messages out, consider making several videos and targeting those appropriately.

Include a Call To Action

Some people have a hard time telling others exactly what they want them to do. This can be ineffective especially when it comes to marketing. If a viewer just finished watching a great video on your company, they should feel the need to take some sort of action. Do you want them to share it? Sign up for something? Go to another page? This takes us back to the objective of the video. What do you want them to do? Don’t be shy (or rude). Let them know what you want.


Creating a great video doesn’t produce many results if no one see it. Try some of these tips for optimizing your video so people can find it: An SEO’s Guide to Video Hosting and Embedding.

Have patience

Viral videos are rare and typically not a very effective strategy. Just like most forms of marketing, creating successful video campaigns takes consistency, dedication, and patience.

Put selling points towards the beginning

Viewer engagement drops throughout a video. Even shorter ones. The key is to get your primary message out early and put supporting content afterwards. This not only ensures that your viewer will see your message, but it is the hook that will hopefully convince them to watch the whole thing.

Address your target audience

Appealing to everyone is a tough order. When thinking planning out your video, don’t just think about who the target is for your product or message, but consider where you will be be sharing the video and the target audience of the various platforms that you use. A video that is catered to everyone will feel generic and uninteresting.

Pick the right video producer

When picking a company to create your video, take the time to get to know them, their style, strengths, and personality. Especially if you plan on doing several videos. Do you need a script writer? What are they like to work with? Does the feel of their videos match what you are looking for? Are they familiar with marketing videos or they event specialists? These are just some questions you should be asking yourself to ensure a good match. Finding the right company can be time consuming, but when your campaign is a success, you will be glad you did.

Video has become a mainstay of online media consumption and marketers know the importance of good content and production. It’s easy, and potentially costly, to make a bad video. It takes time, energy, planning, patience and creativity to produce a successful video marketing campaign.

This post was inspired by: Ten Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.