2. Clear and Narrow Focus
Camps have so many activities. It’s important to focus your video’s attention on select aspects of your program. There’s no way one brand story video can show everything well, so creating a list if the most important activities is vital. Campaigns allow for you to also create shorter, more specific videos focused on different aspects of your camp.

For Eagle’s Nest camp, the brand story focuses on what makes their camp unique. They also created  camper testimonials that touch on different topics. Allowing for more of their program to be showcased without overwhelming the viewer with it all in one video.


Eagle’s Nest Camp Brand Story                                                                                          Eagle’s Nest Testimonial

We sat down with Paige Lester Niles, Camp Director at Eagle’s Nest, to hear what she had to say about hiring (and trusting) an outside company to create your camp’s brand story video.