What has 400,000 members, lives in 200 cities in 85 countries and can provide a community of support for those on the entrepreneurship trail? Google’s Startup Grind!

This truly powerful global community has a local Asheville, NC presence, which spotlights and supports local WNC entrepreneurs. We’re proud to be a part of Asheville’s Startup Grind as a sponsor and have really enjoyed hearing from some of Asheville’s most influential startup founders at previous meetings. The programs or “fireside chats” are about more than hearing from successful founders; they are focused on providing assistance and support for those just starting down the startup road.

Part of the reason we are so drawn to support the Startup Grind is our whole business is built around supporting small businesses and startups.

We understand that one of the first big hurdles many entrepreneurs will come to is getting their name out in the world. We know what it is like to be a one-man band trying to make it. It can be terrifying and frustrating and rewarding and awesome all at the same time. We’ve grown since those days but remember them well. Commercial video production is our passion because video is an extremely powerful tool for marketing efforts and it can help small businesses overcome that hurdle.

Since the first steps in the entrepreneurial journey can be very lonely, any opportunity to connect and bond over common struggles is legitimately valuable. It’s important to understand that the grind was developed to add value and not just another line on your resume. In that vein, they’ve developed three specific core values:

  1. Make friends, not contacts.
  2. Give, don’t take.
  3. Help others, not yourself.

The RDP team takes the same quality approach as the Startup Grind initiative in that we take time to get to know our clients and build relationships. We’re doing more than just keeping an eye on the bottom line. We want to know you and your business so that we can accurately tell your story and produce a great product. Many of our customers have become lifelong friends and clients because we measure our success by their success.

If you haven’t already checked out the Asheville chapter of Google’s Startup Grind, I highly recommend tapping into this dramatic resource. For more information, https://www.startupgrind.com/asheville/.