We’re thrilled about our recent expansion into the Greenville market. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard about how attractive Greenville is to young professionals and multi-national corporations alike. Businesses in this charming southern town earn twice as much as other South Carolina cities and, much like the city’s mountain neighbor Asheville, there are numerous opportunities for start-ups to garner funding from investor groups. Multi-national corporations like BMW, Michelin and GE all have outfits in the area.

It’s no surprise that with a growing economy, job market and even a blossoming personality, Greenville truly is a special place to live and work. While we’re tied to our Western North Carolina mountains, we do love to venture south and experience Greenville. It made perfect sense for us to make a move and expand in the area. We hope to become a part of the Greenville story and aid businesses in their video marketing needs.