So you’ve read over and over again that video marketing is one of the best ways to improve SEO of your website, build brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales for your business, but if you’re like a lot of business owners and marketers, you’re wondering what types of videos you should be creating. Starting a video blog is one way to keep producing regular web content. We’ve compiled a few ideas on what sort of video blog posts you can create to keep your content fresh.


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1. Client Testimoninals

Bringing your clients in on your video blog allows you to gain valuable soundbites. Be sure to have them speak on common problems in your industry and how your business solves these. Avoid just having these videos become a “brag session” on your company, but instead provide valuable information for your viewers.

Here’s an example:

Tip: Consistent branding and titles helps build credibility.

2. Tips and Tricks

Everybody loves tips, and these posts are usually pretty easy to create. Giving these tips proves to your viewer that you are an expert in your industry. If your an indutry that teaches classes, filming a class and posting it on your blog is also a great option.

3. Employee Bio Videos

Giving a behind the scnes look at your team allows for more personality to shne through. Your clients are more than likely emailing and talking on the phone with your team, but video allows for more personality to come though as well as demonstating each team memebers competency and expertise at their job.


4. Trending Topics/ Industry News

If you consistently blog about hot topics, your viewers will learn to come to you first for information. Plus, you’ll get instant high rankings on search results when you provide timely content. Use Google Insights to see what’s popular at the time and create a video blog post around that.

5. FAQs

You probably field lots of questions and misunderstandings in emails and phone calls. Make these situations work for you by creating FAQ posts. 

6. Product Demos and Instructional Videos

If you’re launching a new product, the blog is a great place to demonstrate how to use the product and show how it benefits your readers. Product demos are almost always in video format over text because they provide a virtual tour of the product.

7. Guest Posts

Finally, there’s no need to create all the content for your blog all by yourself all the time. Invite others in your field and customers to create posts occasionally. You can also use this concept to foster a team culture in your business by asking each employee to submit blog topic ideas every month.


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