Ecusta Trail

Brevard-Hendersonville, NC

Media Type: Promotional Video
Client or Agency: Friends of the Ecusta Trail
Producer: Heath Cowart
Creative Concept: RDP Creative Design Process
Camera: Canon Cimena Cameras and Canon DSLRs
Editing: RDP Collaborative Editing Process on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC
Location: Henderson County, Transylvania County, Greenville, SC, Abingdon, VA

Ecusta Trail

Our hometown of Brevard, NC is located in the mountains of North Carolina in Transylvania County. Once a thriving manufacturing area, the closing of 3 plants in the early 2000’s has left Transylvania County in an identity crisis and debate of the economic future of our community. An idle rail line runs through our county, connecting the larger cities of Asheville and Hendersonville. With recreation and tourism dollars on the rise and the possibility of large industry returning to the area declining, an organization, Friends of the Ecusta Trail, has formed supporting the conversion of the rail bed into a multi-use recreational path, popularly known as a “Rails-to-Trails” path.

The Friends of the Ecusta Trail approached us to create a video to help garner support and address many of the concerns about level of economic impact, safety, and closing off the opportunity for possibly rejuvenating the rail line for industrial use. We jumped at the opportunity to work on a project that we are in such support of and to be part of helping our community grow.

Our goal was to create a persuasive story, a compelling video and use real people with real stories to drive the points home. We learned a lot about the differences of the people that make up our community and about Rails-to-Trails projects in general. This was a great project to work on and we are proud to have been part of it.

Enjoy the video and if you would like to support the Ecusta Trail, visit their site here.


When Friends of the Ecusta Trail made a video part of our 2014 communications strategy, we hired Heath and his team at Real Digital Productions.  Heath’s ability to quickly grasp the important aspects of our project enabled him to focus on the visual elements that really brought our story to life.  As an added bonus, we get to see snipets of similar projects around the region that faced and overcame many of the same challenges.   Chris Burns, Communications Chair, Friends of The Ecusta Trail


Chris Burns

Communications Chair, Friends of The Ecusta Trail

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