Reems Creek Golf Community

Weaverville, NC

Media Type: Community video
Client or Agency: Reems Creek Homeowners Association
Producer: Heath Cowart in collaboration with Reems Creek HOA
Creative Concept: RDP Concept Design Process
Camera: Canon Cinema Camera and Canon DSLRs
Editing: RDP Collaborative Editing Process on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC
Location: Reems Creek, Weaverville, Asheville, NC

Reems Creek Golf Community is located in Weaverville, NC, only minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway and about 12 mintues north of Asheville. It is located in the rolling hills of Reems Creek Valley and surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains .

Gary Burge, representing the Reems Creek Homeowners Association, contacted Real Digital Productions in the spring of 2015 with the idea of creating a community video. He saw some other RDP community videos and thought this would be the perfect way to showcase the Reems Creek Golf Community.

We met shortly after that initial conversation, discussed their goals for the video and created a plan for achieving those results.  Once we started, we were thrilled to see such an active response from the homeowners. Everyone was eager to participate and seemed to go out of their way to help us however they could.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to meet so many friendly people, have so much fun and help tell the story of this great community.



SEO:  Google and other search engines love video so people interested in the Asheville area will be able to find the video on searches. The Reems Creek HOA also put the video on their homepage and it has received hundreds of views on social media in the first 30 days. This will increase as the video is discovered, shared, and indexed by the search engines and other users.

Brand Message: Part of the preproduction process involved defining the brand message of Reems Creek. This helps both the current residents and future residents understand what makes this community great.

Marketing and sales tool: As soon as the video was finished real estate brokers and even brokerages were asking for copies to send to buyers who were interested in the area.  Embedding a video like this on home listings on the Multiple Listing Service is a proven way to attract buyers.

Lifespan: A video like this one can be a valuable asset to the community for many years.


Our neighborhood, a 25-year-old development surrounding a golf course in Weaverville, seemed to be recovering more slowly from the recession than similar communities. Focus groups with real estate agents revealed several harmful misconceptions about our neighborhood. We decided on an aggressive campaign to counteract those perceptions and to show our community as we saw ourselves. After interviewing several local video production companies we chose Heath Cowart and his team. Heath understood our goals and contributed – even during the initial meeting – to our strategy. We wanted to show our neighbors as we saw them: active, social and the owners of affordable, high-quality homes. We wanted residents to talk on camera, but didn’t want a video of talking heads. Heath and his team planned a series of unrehearsed, spontaneous interviews interspersed with scenes of the speakers hiking, biking, and visiting Weaverville parks and restaurants. Throughout the project, Heath and his team were professional and helpful. Heath twice drove to our neighborhood from Brevard to setup his cameras to capture the sun rising over our beautiful Reems Creek valley. His skill (and the high quality of his equipment) produced some awesome images for our video. I highly recommend Heath and his team.

Gary Burge

Reems Creek HOA Board Member, Reems Creek Golf Community

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