Location: Brevard College Learning Bar, JA Jones Library (morning session) Local summer camp (afternoon session)

for more information call (828) 553-7214 or Heath@realdigitalproductions.com


Topics Include

  • Bring your camera so we can go over settings
  • How to create a winning pre-production strategy
  • How to set up an interview that looks great
  • How to get great audio
  • Techniques for increasing your number of winning shots
  • How to organize your clips so eding is easy for yourself and others


May 2020 class

This one day hands-on class will set your camp videographer up for success. Full course outline below. 

Date of Class: TBD

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Price: 125.00  (Lunch included) 

Location: TBD

Payment: After registering, we will send an invoice for $125.00. Checks can be mailed to Real Digital Productions, 50 Commerce Street Suite 3 Brevard NC 28712 or sent with your videographer on the day of the class. 





Full Class Outline – Summer Camp Videographer Class 2020

A one day hands-on workshop to set your camp videographer up for success.

Below is the outline for the course.


Part 1 Pre-Production

  1. Know Your Goal
  2. Know Your Target Audience
    1. Why do they care?
    2. How can we influence them?
  3. Developing Your Strategy
  4. What’s Your Distribution Method


Part 2 Know Your Camera

  1. Basic Camera Settings
    1. Codecs
    2. Framerate
    3. Shutter speed
    4. Aperture
    5. ISO
  2. Getting Quality Audio
  3. How to Best Use Go Pro cameras
  4. Best Options for Camera Movement
    1. Tripod
    2. Monopod
    3. Gimbal or Steadycam
    4. Handheld
  5. Optics
    1. Lens choices (If you have multiple options)
    2. Part 3: How to Get More GREAT Shots – 
  1. Know your subject
  2. Know your light
    1. Direction
    2. Quality (soft-hard)
    3. Color
  3. Be intentional
    1. Know your subject
    2. Get most important shots first then less important then experiment.
    3. Wide, Medium, tight.
  4. Use simple compositions
    1. Tight
    2. Simple
    3. Good faces
  5. Shooting Interviews
    1. Importance of quality audio
    2. Good Lighting
    3. Faces in Focus


Part 4: Post Production (Quick Glimpse in to Organization of Footage)

  1. Organization: Most important
  2. Organize by date, activity, (rename file folders)
  3. Sort every day
  1. Editing suite
    1. Second sort
      1. Usable vs unusable
      2. Usable content is organized on timeline