Branded video marketing is on the rise…in a big way. Visible Measures just released their third quarter (Q3) 2014 report and numbers are pretty clear as to how important video marketing is for brands of all sizes.  Second quarter (Q2) 2014 saw an astonishing 2.8 billion branded video views, thanks in large part to the FIFA World Cup, which was the largest video advertising and marketing event of all time. Q3 saw a 3% increase with 2.9 billion branded video views. That’s a 73% increase from Q3 2013.

So, let’s break this down a bit and see who the biggest brands are, what campaigns generated the most views, and what the biggest categories are.

Top 5 Branded Video Brands of Q3 2014

  1. Samsung – 257.4+ million true reach
  2. Nike – 116.0+ million true reach
  3. Google – 95.4+ million true reach
  4. Adidas – 73.1+ million true reach
  5. Apple – 51.3+ million true reach

Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q3 2014

  1. Samsung – Official Introduction – 49.3+ million true reach
  2. Always – #LikeAGirl – 42.3+ million true reach
  3. Visa – Checkout – 31.3+ million true reach
  4. Nike – The Last Game – 30.8+ million true reach
  5. Samsung – Milk Music: A New Way to Discover Music – 29.5+ million true reach

Top 5 Branded Video Categories Q3 2014

  1. Electronics – 482.8+ million true reach
  2. Health & Beauty – 328.4+ million true reach
  3. Apparel & Accessories – 252.6+ million true reach
  4. Automotive – 231.7+ million true reach
  5. Alcoholic Beverages – 208.7+ million true reach

Well, we may not be a Samsung or a Nike, but that doesn’t mean that these numbers don’t apply to the rest of us either. The fact of the matter is branded videos, not just videos, but branded videos, are being watched at a rate higher than all time. Consumers aren’t just watching cat videos or game show bloopers. They are seeking out and wanting to connect with brands, ideas, and movements. Even if your brand is a fraction of the size of one of these top 5, a fraction of their true reach could have huge impacts on your bottom line.

The key to remember is that none of these branded videos or campaigns were created on a whim. They were thoughtfully planned out, well written, and beautifully executed. It’s the difference between one that you merely watch and one that you remember. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million production, but it should be one of quality and one that inspires your viewer.

You can download the full report here for free (registration required).